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Information for Exhibitors

Exhibitor opportunities now available for purchase via online system!

If you are a company representative that would like to exhibit at or sponsor the Conference, please use the link below to directly access the reservations/purchasing system.

Go to the Exhibition and Sponsorship Platform

Exhibition and Exhibitor Opportunities

The meeting will host a Science and Technology Exhibition for industry and academic institutions to showcase their technologies, programs and products. This is an opportunity for organizations to meet face-to-face with hundreds of researchers and professionals from around the world who are involved in basic research or are developing applications in the field of biological and medical engineering. The aim is to create an environment stimulating interdisciplinary interactions, to present the latest achievements and to demonstrate current knowledge. The Conference is offering plenty of opportunities to engage with the attendees and share your products and services with them.

Are you the perfect match for the EMBEC 2020?

Not sure if your product is of interest to attendees of the EMBEC 2020? To help you determine if you have what our attendees want, below is a list of various types of organizations and products that our members would love to see!

Biological Equipment Manufacturers and Biological Suppliers… Introduce new products or reinforce the availability of your current product lines for DNA prep, cell culture, electroporation, pharmaceuticals, and more.
Computer and Software Manufacturers… Show our members how to address their personal and professional computer needs.
Government Agencies… Disseminate information about current policies, programs, and services.
Industrial Corporations… Present your company’s important research and developments.
Information Services… Provide hands on demonstrations of scientific and technical databases to our scientists.
Microscope Manufacturers and Suppliers… Show your most advanced equipment to encourage new research possibilities.
Photography Equipment Manufacturers… Demonstrate the latest technological advances in photography.
Publishers… Display textbooks, professional journals, and research publications.
Academic institutions… Share your current programs and research with others actively working in the field.

And more… Do you have an interesting service or product that could be of use to our attendees? Here is your chance to display it and explain its value face-to-face to our scientists and researchers.

EMBEC 2020 Exhibiton Fees

The Conference will be offering four types of booth to exhibitors. The layouts and prices are available from the table below.

Exhibit Booth 2 X 2

1,680 € + VAT

  • carpet (light grey)
  • info counter – dim. 200 x 100 x 50 cm (W-H-D)
  • 2 “ZERO” bar stools
  • sponsor’s logo (adhesive foil)
  • convention logo (visual identity of event), area of 1m2
  • electrical connection

Exhibit Booth 4 X 2

2,760 € + VAT

  • carpet (light grey)
  • info counter – dim. 100 x 100 x 50 cm (W-H-D)
  • 2 “ZERO” bar stools
  • “ZERO” table
  • 4 “ZERO” chairs
  • sponsor’s logo (adhesive foil)
  • convention logo (visual identity of event), area of 1 m2
  • electrical connection

Exhibit Booth 6 X 2

3,480 € + VAT

  • carpet (light grey)
  • info counter – dim. 200 x 100 x 50 cm (W-H-D)
  • 2 “ZERO” bar stools
  • “ZERO” table
  • 4 “ZERO” chairs
  • brochure stand
  • sponsor’s logo (adhesive foil)
  • convention logo (visual identity of event), area of 1 m2
  • electrical connection

Exhibit Booth 6 X 4

4,680 € + VAT

  • carpet (light grey)
  • info counter – dim. 200 x 100 x 50 cm (W-H-D)
  • 2 “ZERO” bar stools
  • 2 “ZERO” tables
  • 8 “ZERO” chairs
  • brochure stand
  • sponsor’s logo (adhesive foil)
  • convention logo (visual identity of event), area of 1 m2
  • electrical connection

Important: Note that one participation fee is included in the baseline booth rental package price. Additional exhibitor’s representatives, if present at the Conference, are asked to register and settle the regular participation fee.

All of the prices listed above are subject to VAT, charged at the rate of 22 %. In case you wish to use option for Reverse charge under Article 25 of ZDDV and Article 44 of VAT Directive 2006/112/EC, make sure you opt for this during the booth reservation/purchasing process, so as to be issued a proper invoice with no VAT charged. In this case, it is obligatory that you provide us with your VAT ID number during booth purchase/reservation!

Floor Plan with Booth Layout

Booth Renders and Additional Equipment

2 x 2

4 x 2

6 x 2 & 6 x 4

Item Price per unit
digital print on self-adhesive foil
(monochrome inscription and signs)
35 €
digital print in full colour
(on central wall, coated and laminated)
70 €
roll-up banner (100 x 200 cm) 125 €
table ZERO (80 x 80 cm) 55 €
chair ZERO 27.5 €
chair ZERO (bar) 27.5 €
1m info counter (100 x 50/100 cm) 66 €
2m info counter (200 x 50/100 cm) 132 €
bar chair (white) 27.5 €
bar chair (black) 27.5 €
armchair KARTELL 80 €
club table 20 €
armchair REX 35 €
table REX 45 €
multi-purpose open shelving (50 x 50/100 cm) 60 €
brochure stand with 3 aluminium shelves 22 €
table brochure mini stand 13 €
refrigerator small 75 €
refrigerator big 90 €
mounting of client’s LCD display 45 €
LCD display with mounting on stand’s wall 190 €
LCD display stand 175 €

Information about payment

Reservations are made online using the online reservations and payment system (available after 11 February, 2020). Companies can choose to pay via PayPal or with a credit card (processed by PayPal) using the online interface, or, they can make a direct money transfer to the benefit of the following account:

Holder: ANTANA PCO, kongresna agencija d.o.o., Cesta na Okroglo 7, 4202 Naklo, Slovenia
Bank: SKB Banka d.d., Ljubljana, Slovenia
Account IBAN
: SI56 0312 7100 0944 493
Reference No.: Give the Invoice No.

*Note that for payments processed prior to the end of December 2019, you are entitled to a 10 % discount on the basic booth rates. Offer does not apply to the additional equipment you reserve with your booth. The discount will be applied upon checkout if you use the online booth reservation and purchasing interface automatically before end of December 2019.

If paying by bank transfer, the payment should be completed within 15 days following the reception of the Invoice, but no later than April 30, 2020. Reservation will be confirmed by email once payment is received. (The Conference reserves the right to cancel exhibit space without refunding the deposit if the balance is not paid by the above deadline!).

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Registration Bag Advertiser

Contact Exhibition Contact for Pricing!

  • Company logo printed on high quality registration bags (logo to be provided by 31 March, 2020).
  • Acknowledgment on signage and in the conference program.

Program Booklet Sponsorship

  • 1,500 € – Color ad on back cover of program.
  • 1,500 € – Color ad on inside front or back cover of program.

Other Sponsorships Opportunities

  • 350 € – Registration bag insert – fee per insert (must be provided by 31 March, 2020)
  • 300 € – Exhibitor Sponsored Lunch



Exhibitors requesting cancellation four months prior to the start of the exposition (14 February, 2020) will receive a full refund; later cancellations will be refunded at 25 % of the full rental fee for the assigned space(s). If, for any reason, management finds it necessary to cancel the exposition, it is agreed by the exhibitors that each will pay a proportioned share of the direct expenses incurred by management in connection with the exhibit.

Liability and Insurance

The exhibitor assumes all responsibility for any and all loss, theft, or damage to exhibitor’s displays, equipment and/or property while on Grand Hotel Bernardin’s premises and hereby waives any claim or demand it may have against Grand Hotel Bernardin arising from such loss, theft, or damage.